Southwest Credit Card Chase - Horrible credit card experience

Not resolved

I called CHASE southwest credit card to get my exact pay off balance to pay off my credit account which I always pay on time.But CHASE gave me the wrong amount.

Conveniently gave me an amount more than 100 dollars than what I owed. so my balance is negative $120.00 for months. They will only send it back in a check. I want it reimbursed to the bank but they refuse to be helpful and leave good standing customers on hold for long times and are not at all nice.

Luis and Marguerite and Mike Burnette in Sann Antnio Texas are extremely unhelpful managers at all in my opinion. Two of them put me on hold and never came back. It is not that much money to a big company and alot of money to a small person.

Obviously no one in the company can go above and beyond to help a customer when they need their over payment reimbursed.I am closing my account.

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